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Reviews For The Series

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"A superbly crafted series blending unforgettable characters with memorable storylines, Look For Me is highly entertaining and strongly recommended reading." --Mary Cowper, Midwest Book Review.

Midwest Book Review, Vol. 12, No. 10, October 2013.

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Canyon Lake, TX 78132

"Look For Me" is a four volume series by Douglas Kirk and traces two lovers who promise each other to rejoin themselves as a couple in future incarnations. Wallace and Lauri learn that they have the ability to [go] back in time and act as guardian angels for their own past lives, then find out that their future selves have been coming back to guide and protect them. A combination of a kiss and hypnosis are what make their time travel possible across two continents and into eras that are separated by centuries. Undying love is what enable them to overcome great tragedy. The series consists of "Look for Me" (9780934279161, $9.95); "I Will Find You" (9780934279178, $9.95); "Missing You" (9780934279185, $9.95); and "Everything To Me" (9780934279192, $9.95). A superbly crafted series blending unforgettable characters with memorable storylines, "Look For Me" is highly entertaining and strongly recommended reading.

--Mary Cowper, Reviewer

In Mexico, Andres Brockmann (with Dany) gives a wonderful review in Spanish.


"...the stories grabbed me and pulled me into a world where love lives on forever." "Four Stars: Enjoyed it, will recommend it to friends." --Randy-Lynne Wach, San Francisco Book Review.

San Francisco Book Review, February 17, 2014.

By Douglas Kirk
Morton Falls Publishing Company, $9.95, 274 pages

Psychologist Wallace Larame feels the weight of the world on his shoulders. He tries to help but it's never enough, and he's ready to give up. Lauri just needs help getting home. She finds Wallace on a cemetery bench, lifting a gun to his own head. She talks him down and gives him a kiss - powerful enough to spark a thousand years of memories of love and loss.

"He had never seen her before, that's for sure. Yet, he felt connected to her. He had thoughts in his head he had never realized before. But they seemed so real. Previous lives overwhelmed him. Tragedy. Enormous love for this girl. This girl."

The Look for Me series continues Wallace and Lauri's story - as well as the stories of their past (and future!) lives. In 1014 Ireland, just before a battle against the Vikings, young lovers Dubhghall and Meallan first exchange the promise that repeats over and over through the years, "Look for me. I will find you." Their love continues across many times and places, and brings up many questions about the nature of love, spirits, and souls beyond the normal bounds of a single lifetime. When present actions begin to affect past lives, how much tampering is advisable? Will preventing one tragic loss disrupt another's joy?

The writing itself is not magical or poetic. It’s pretty straightforward, even occasionally stilted. But the stories grabbed me and pulled me into a world where love lives on forever.

---Randy-Lynne Wach, Editor

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In Croatian
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In Croatia, Sonia loves Doug's books and calls him an amazing writer.


Ok! I am happy to say that I read the first 3 books this weekend, and I am sorry I didn't fit them in sooner! Very good! You have a very deep and complex mind to be able to think of all of that. Very easy to read, and keeps you very interested. I didn't want to put them down. I am very anxious to read #4. And, I cannot wait to read your next series. They really get you thinking. All it takes is once to have an experience with a ghost, or entity, or whatever you want to call it, and you will be a believer for life. I do not try to convince people what I believe, I just know the things that have happened to me throughout my life, and I am a firm believer! Thanks for sharing! Take care.

--Tammy Kowalski, Texas

It could happen to anyone. You meet someone to whom you’re immediately attracted. There’s an immediate familiarity that comes only through shared experiences. Could it be? Lauri and Wallace find themselves searching through centuries for answers. Born in the imagination--or perhaps the reality--of author Douglas Kirk, the compelling saga Look for Me I Will Find You takes twists and turns through countless engaging historical settings, from the battlefields of Ireland when the Irish fought back the invading Vikings, through northern Texas during the dustbowl depression era, and yes, even into the future. If you liked the Harry Potter series, if you liked the Twilight series, you will be astounded by Look for Me I Will Find You.

--Michaelene Kasper, Texas

Douglas Kirk has written an inspirational story spanning a thousand years, held together with interwoven plotlines and interwoven bloodlines. But this is not the grinning hysterical inspiration of the self deluded motivational speaker. No. It is the kind of inspiration that makes you wish you’d not given up on your own dreams--and better still, hints at the possibility that it may not yet be too late. The four book set, 1,000 plus pages, is an ambitious undertaking to read, let alone write. But do read it. The action moves along swiftly carried on bursts of crisp dialogue, balanced with waves of well textured descriptive prose. It is part reminiscence, part regret. It is part resolve, part revenge. Part confessional, part conjectural. It is a declaration of love--for characters you, too, will come to care about. It is a declaration of independence against characters you, too, will come to despise. Imagining the past; dreaming the future. Read it.

--Craig Snipes, Texas

Reviews for Look For Me

Look For Me is a special novel that could have only been written by a man like Douglas Kirk. From Ireland to Pennsylvania; from Hollywood to Texas, this book will keep you enthralled! Real life and times interspersed with fiction keeps you wondering what's coming next. A little romance to keep the ladies happy, enough battle gore for the men. Look For Me is a memorable tale of a trek from one side of the world to the other. It is a thoroughly enjoyable story that starts a thousand years ago and ends today. Or does it?

--Lorraine Brandt, Texas

Look For Me is an exquisitely crafted novel. Each chapter possesses an arc of its own and reads almost like a short story in its completeness; yet the chapters add up to more than the sum of their parts.

--Dodie Bernard, Canada

Two elements that make this book exquisite: natural, flowing dialog and characters that act like real people. I feel like I’ve made friends with them.

--Natalie Cross, Colorado

Is it imagination or memory? That's what we have to ask Douglas Kirk. Where does a novelist get an idea like the one that he dreamed up and turned in to Look For Me? Truly unique. Truly different.

Either he's got an incredible imagination, or he has a lot of explaining to do.

--Clifton Spencer, California

I just finished Look For Me...Wonderful! I loved it!!! I have to say that I am a sucker for happy endings, but this was truly great!!! I loved the way it was all tied together. I totally got invested in each character and was super happy with the outcome!

--Jamie Layne Stinson Arnall, Mexico

If you’re Irish, read this book. You’ll see that the Irish are not only the most strong-willed people in the world, but the most romantic. Don’t even open Look For Me unless you have the time to read it in one sitting. Putting it down is impossible.

--Drew O’Henry, New York

This is such a special book. Look For Me opens so many doors and offers so much hope that I predict it will be discussed for a long time to come. Douglas Kirk was guided in the writing of this book. I feel it. It’s not something you write on your own--not something this important. He had help. The question is, who and how?

--Gerald Carson, Kansas

I'm wondering if this story WAS made into a movie, as I am reminded so much of Cloud Atlas. I'm looking forward to reading the next in the series.

--Kindle Customer, Amazon Reviewer (  February 13, 2014)

I loved everything about this book and I can't wait to read the next three, which are already out.

It's a brilliant and very different kind of love story - one that that fans of any genre could enjoy. It's definitely going down as one of my favorites. Read this book. You will not be disappointed!

--Jen333, Amazon Reviewer (  November 15, 2014)

The moment I started reading this book, I knew I wanted to keep on reading.
Very well written, such interesting characters and with a touch of romance.
Amazing !!!

--Sandra Johnson, Amazon Reviewer (  October 5, 2015)

Reviews for I Will Find You

When I read Douglas Kirk’s first book in this series, I thought he was a great writer. But when I read I Will Find You, I changed my mind about Kirk. He’s no longer just in the category of “greats.” Kirk has moved into “brilliant.” The second book was not a re-hash of the first. It took an amazing new direction that kept me enthralled and really got me to thinking--Kirk is not imagining this story--he really is remembering it. I could be wrong, but I’m convinced I’m right.

--Clifton Spencer, California

Splendid! I Will Find You has me well on the way to traveling to Ireland. I have never been so inspired in all my life. I don’t know, but I wonder, is this really possible? If it is, I want to know for myself.

--Drew O’Henry, New York

Here is an example of the second book being as good as the first! It doesn't always happen, but it sure did this time! I Will Find You opened new doors and shed light in new areas. It not only held my attention, but kept me anxiously awaiting. I earnestly looked forward to turning the page in order to find out what was going to happen next! The only bad part was having to end the book. I truly fell deeper in love with the characters and did not want my time with them to end.

--Jamie L. Stinson, RN, MSN, Mexico

I just finished reading I Will Find You. I thought Look For Me had me really captivated, but this second in the series is absolutely outstanding! I connected with the characters and I found myself wanting them to succeed in every way. I identified especially with one character, but I imagine each reader will have his or her own favorite. Douglas Kirk has done it again, in telling this story and drawing us into some amazing lives. I don't know if there's another story to follow, but there bloody well better be! I'm waiting impatiently for the next one!

--Lorraine Brandt, Texas

After reading Doug’s first book, Look For Me, and experiencing how it lingers, I couldn’t wait to read I Will Find You. I opened the book to read at a leisurely pace, however, as in the first one, I became so engrossed in it that there was no way of stopping. The author lures you into the story until you become so immersed in it, that you can't put the book down. Even after the last page is read the images remain with you for a long time. This is one of those books that can be read and re-read and not lose its magic. I would find two lovers connecting and just when I thought I was seeing what would tear them apart, another curve ball! The characters were true to life and it is so well-written. This past weekend I found myself picking up this book again and re-reading some parts. It was just that good. Such a blend of history and romance. I will read everything that becomes available from this author!

--Dodie Bernard, Canada

I was discussing this book with a fellow reader about my favorite scene in the book, where Dean is teasing Melissa in the feed store. We agreed that even though Dean is a fictional character, he must be adorable. It just goes to show how well these lovable (or despicable) characters interact with their surroundings or one another. And now I need therapy for having a crush on a fictional character.

--Natalie Cross, Colorado

This is the second book of the four book series. The story continues in the same wonderfully written style. This book raises questions, answers a few. I'm diving into the third right now and I can't wait! Mr. Kirk definitely has my attention.

--Jen333, Amazon Reviewer (  November 16, 2014)

Endorsement in Sign Language

Reviews for Missing You

Author Douglas Kirk is unreal, and so are his books. Look For Me was great. I Will Find You was brilliant. Missing You was incredible. There is nothing in literature that matches this series. Nothing.

--Drew O’Henry, New York

Every time I read one of Douglas Kirk's books in the Look For Me series, I wind up having a new favorite. I love them all, but Missing You is the crown jewel. Missing You made me choke up. I had tears streaming down my cheeks even before I knew how it would end. I don't know how Douglas Kirk weaves these stories so intricately, but he has the reader identifying with each character in so many different ways. Anyone who reads this series will have proven to them that love does make the world go 'round and there is that special someone out there for each of us. Reading these incredible stories is a privilege. Thank you Douglas Kirk! These books will keep me uplifted and optimistic about the human race for some time to come. I only hope there will be another of these wonderful books in the series.

--Lorraine Brandt, Texas

Missing You is the third in a series of fictional books written by this incredible author, and in some ways, it is quite different from the first two and yet it holds much of the same charm and emotion. It held my imagination, not allowing me to put it down just like the first two. I read with great anticipation as I meet up with my favorite characters again. This is another intriguing and inspiring story and just as I was relaxing and following some familiar characters, it caught me off guard and “boom”-- another twist. It is an honor to travel along with Douglas Kirk on this unbelievable journey. I truly hope that this isn’t the end of this series.

--Dolores Bernard, Canada

Missing You is one of the most inspired pieces of fiction I’ve ever read. Douglas Kirk owns me. He has me believing what I used to think was totally impossible. Now I’m wondering why for so many years I didn’t recognize what is not only possible, but all around us. These books have changed my life, period.

--Clifton Spencer, California

Douglas Kirk has done it again! I could not put Missing You down!!! The way Doug tied everything together was WONDERFUL!!! The only bad thing is that I am going to miss reading about everyone! Trying to sum up this experience in one word is impossible. AMAZING! BRILLIANT! CAPTIVATING! These are just a few words that describe this book. I definitely encourage all to read this will not be disappointed!

--Jamie L. Stinson, RN, MSN, Mexico

How can something be so frightening and so incredibly beautiful at the same time? Missing You is a brilliant continuation of the Look For Me series. I’ve become a believer. I don’t know how it is possible but I know that it must be true.

--Gerald Carson, Kansas

Missing You has been my favorite in the series so far!

--Natalie Cross, Colorado

Endorsement in Farsi

Reviews for Everything To Me

Douglas Kirk’s series of novels keeps getting better and better. I don’t know what it is, but the more I read the more I believe that all of this really could have happened, or, is happening. Everything To Me takes the reader on a journey that is absolutely unprecedented. I  couldn’t put it down.

--Drew O’Henry, New York

Now that Everything To Me has been released, I can't decide which of the books is my favorite. I identify so well with these characters, and these books have so many twists that I feel like I really know and love them. The meld of characters is amazing. I read Everything To Me in three hours. I couldn't stand not knowing what would happen as this 1,000 year story unfolds in so many different ways. I keep these books on my table beside my chair and continue to reread them. I even take them with me when I leave the house to go on trips because I enjoy them so much. I know in my heart that this cannot be the last book--these people will go on--if not in written form, then surely in our hearts and minds.

--Lorraine Brandt, Texas

Douglas Kirk has done it again, taking us on an emotional roller coaster of unbelievable and rapidly changing feelings. What a journey! Even more than in Doug’s previous three books, Everything To Me comes across with such a strong sense that surely he can’t be making this up. He must have walked this road before, experienced these things before and is finally writing his experiences all down--or is he?

--Dolores Bernard, Canada

Everything To Me is just fantastic. I don’t know how Douglas Kirk does it. I’m starting to believe that he really isn’t making these books up. He’s just writing them down. Somehow, he is reporting something that happened. It’s just an incredible read--all the books: Look For Me, I Will Find You, Missing You, and now Everything To Me.

--Clifton Spencer, California

I’m going to make it my goal to someday meet Douglas Kirk. I don’t know if it will be in this lifetime or another lifetime, but this writer has written the most incredible and complex set of books I’ve ever read and I want Kirk to look me in the eye and tell me the truth. Has he lived before?

--Gerald Carson, Kansas

What an incredibly beautiful story. All these books are as wonderful as it gets. Douglas Kirk has written the perfect series of novels. It’s all here and we should thank him for sharing this with us, with the world. So thought-provoking, so simple and yet so intensely complex, each of the books is complete on its own and yet, together, they are without equal. The Look For Me series will go down in literature as one of a kind.

--Dave Aronson Dirlinger, Nevada

I love how this book ties everything together, but still leaves me with the desire to read it again.

--Natalie Cross, Colorado

This is the 4th and final book of the series, and I have to say I was worried for a while that I would not like the ending at all. I kept getting closer and closer to the end, and it didn't seem as though there would be enough room to end the story properly.

Boy, was I wrong! This entire series will stay with me for a long time. I know that next week, I'll still be thinking about these characters. Brilliant story from start to finish. So different from traditional time travel romances. Very believable and will make you laugh and cry. I highly recommend this series!

--Jen333, Amazon Reviewer (  November 21, 2014)

Ok...I finished #4 last night. I loved the way it ended! I kept thinking, ...ok, there are very few pages left, how's it going to end, there is so much more that has to happen! And then I thought, oh no, he's going to kill himself, and she is going to come back and be heartbroken! And then when she did come back, and it started the same as it started in the beginning, I was he going to tell me all of this was just a dream?? I loved that they were all together in the end. Again, you have such a deep, complex mind, to think of all of this! Very easy to read, and follow. Keeps you interested at all times. I did not get bored once. Now, hurry up with your next set! It's all your fault, I'm hooked! Thanks again for sharing, I am going to convince as many people as I can to read them. I know of several that will really like them. Take care, and stay out of trouble!

--Tammy Kowalski, Texas

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